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Ray Barton

Both Carol and Therese keep to the stereotypes of femininity and adhere to the standards for women in order to hide their true identities in daily life. For example, they both wear very feminine clothes and wear makeup which steers people away from labelling them as lesbians because they are straight-passing. However, Carol is a poster child of feminism with her fiery and bold nature which could have drawn people's attention to the possibility that she isn't straight. Of course being an outspoken feminist doesn't make you a lesbian, but this is a stereotype of the community. Their spontaneous road trip is how they fee "to the margins" to live their lives together, but this doesn't work because people are always watching and they get caught together the day after hooking up. Carol takes on a sort of motherly role towards Therese which can be seen in the shot where Carol is brushing Therese's hair much like what she did to her own daughter at the beginning of the film.

Myah Christensen

As Ray says in the comment above, both women try to maintain a sense of "normality" when it comes to day-day activities. Due to sexuality being so cis-centered, these women felt trapped within themselves, therefore just having to confine to societal norms. When both of them try to up and leave, which is usually unheard of due to societal norms of women staying home making decisions that included their husband. It doesn't work due to Carol's husband finding out where the two of them were when they had left. I think it is also important to note that when it was known about Carols sexuality it was brought up as a disease, therefore leading to issues with her rights to her daughter. Also when looking at power differences between the two, Carol is a wealthy, mature older woman while Therese is younger and can be seen as naive.

Taylor Seufferheld

In terms of the characters escaping to the margins of society I think both characters realize that the type of life they have to live to be together is somewhat unsustainable. I think Carol realizes this more quickly because she has a life back at home with her daughter. Therese has to learn the hard way when Carol leaves her but without that event Therese wouldn't develop into the character we see at the end of the movie.

Austin W Woodall

Carol and Therese both have to essentially lie about this hidden life together. Carol has to give up one of these two lives as at this time being a lesbian would end up with her losing her daughter. Carol is a older more powerful woman which gives her the superior role. However with this comes a greater fall when their relationship comes to light.

Sadee McClendon

Carol and Therese both have to hide their sexual orientation in their daily lives to fit into societal norms. Carol especially has to hide this because she risks losing custody of her child. Carol and Therese try to flee to the margins by going on a road trip away from everyone they knew and the lives they live. They try to live their lives together by separating themselves from their friends and family to avoid judgement and disapproval. This doesn’t end up working because of the importance of Carols daughter to her. She has to return back to reality because she doesn’t want to risk losing having her daughter in her life. Because Carol is older and more mature than Therese she has responsibilities that Therese doesn’t, such as the responsibilities that come with being a mother. This also gives Carol more power because she is experienced, while Therese is young and still experimenting with her lifestyle and career.

Tyler Durbin

Carol is this movie is a woman of high status, who falls for a store clerk, Therese. They both try to hide their feelings at first but then it comes out. Carol being from wealth and power makes her situation that much worse for her , after it’s out. Carol is also worried about what she truly dears which is her daughter.

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